Mission Jamaica

MISSION JAMAICA is a wonderful way to get to know and experience the Jamaican healthcare system, the people and the culture. It is voluntary.  This mission is non-denominational and not affiliated with any church at this time.  Each team member is responsible for their own expenses. It requires you to be flexible and to give of yourself, your time and energy! Each mission is exciting, unique and full of rewards.  It is a vacation with a purpose!

Mission Jamaica Schedule:

MISSION JAMAICA is always in September each year. The team travel dates are scheduled around the second Tuesday in September. There is clinic that day in the mountains and the other clinics are scheduled around that clinic day. Please contact me if you want to know the team travel dates.

*There is an option for a home cooked Jamaican dinner cooked by a friend of mine, the cost would be $25.00 per person.
**Flights: Use Montego Bay Jamaica Sangster airport.  I prefer you to use Delta Airlines (they waive baggage fees for the team in the past and hopefully will continue in the future).

Cost of mission trip:
ONLY AN ESTIMATE-The actual cost is variable but will always include the following; Air transport/flight to and from Jamaica, on island transportation which should never go above $400, housing at NBCC's, food and water for clinic days, $25 for dinner at local Jamaicans home, Jamaican nursing license, passport, baggage fees, incidentals, medical supplies for the mission, and other miscellaneous charges. This list in not inclusive and varies from year to year. This list does not include excursions you might take on your own. This list does not include allowance for souvenirs, shopping, and other items you might feel inclined to purchase. The cost will include but are not limited to:

This mission trip is participatory by nature and requires flexibility. I hope to furnish the machines and supplies for lipid panels and some glucose monitoring equipment through a donation through Cholestech/Alere and Roche. I have been able so far to get some donated medications. I purchase condoms and reading glasses.

THE TEAM IS NEEDED TO HELP OBTAIN OTHER SUPPLIES SUCH AS: glucometers and supplies, gloves, alcohol swabs, 2x2's, school supplies, games for ages 3-10 and teenagers for the orphanage and school, toothbrushes and toothpaste, Beannie Babies or small toys to hand out at clinics and other useful items. Medications are always useful. If you can obtain medication,  reading glasses or condoms for donation that would be awesome! For a full list of supplies needed contact me.

Goal for Mission Jamaica:

This Februray after a wonderful site visit to ACE Galina Breeze in Port Maria my vision for my ministry at the Daliston boys orphanage or the Clifton Boys Home became very clear. MISSION JAMAICA will be assisting the boys home in aquiring chickens, goats and a pig and hopefully some seeds for a garden and some underwear and games. I am working closely with a friends son to obtain the animals and feed for the chickens. These purchases to be donated to the orphanage will offer the boys the opportunity to learn to raise animals, be responsible, and be able to provide for themselves and their family once they are out on their own and providing for their own families.

Once the funding is available he will make a site visit to determine what housing and fencing we need for the chickens and pigs. The agreement is for pigs and goats that are pregnant or with babies and adequate housing for the chickens and the pig(s). My goal is to raise $1000 American dollars for the total cost of this project.

You may contact me directly to donate or you can donate through my PayPal account.

Transporting our supplies is at the mercy of Delta Air Lines. Last year they graciously assisted us with transport of our supplies. I am praying for this assistance again. WE ARE MISSION JAMAICA. You, me and all the team members!


I look forward to working with you in MISSION JAMAICA!

All the best,
Norda Ratcliff, Nurse Practitioner

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