Our Purpose:

To provide health screening and basic health assessments with eduction and lab results and development of an initial health care plan for each individual the team is able to evaluate. In addition to a referral to local clinic or primary care provider.

Our Mission:

To improve the health and safety of the Jamaican people and those of Caribbean heritage through basic health assessment, testing and education that would otherwise be inaccessible to the population. Reach and identifying health risks and educating on risk reduction. We carry out this mission through community services, education, advocacy, and the promotion of respect and compassion. Team members will work together with local health authorities and the Ministry of Health to give each life we touch an increased awareness of threats and potential threats to their health and wellness. We are able to promote a healthier and safer environment for life to flourish and prosper in a peaceful, greener environment.

Our Vision:

MISSION JAMAICA medical team will be the pacesetter and benchmark in excellence for providing basic health assessments, testing, risk factor identification, and education in charitable and non-profit medical groups delivering health care to the Caribbean people that would otherwise not be able to access.

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Norda Ratcliff,
Nurse Practitioner

Welcome to MISSION JAMAICA! Let take a moment to introduce myself, Mission Jamaica ’s team leader. My name is Norda Ratcliff, nurse practitioner. My nursing career began in1976. I graduated from Ball State University ’s undergraduate and masters programs. I have been an adult nurse practitioner since 2002. My nursing career consists of critical care and cardiac care, emergency department, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiology and internal medicine, urgent care and occupational health. My mission work and my ministry are successful due to the phenomenal support system in my life. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and many friends and a wonderful church family.

My introduction to Mission work came indirectly through my master’s degree program at Ball State University . I completed three rotations in the Westmoreland Parrish through my educational program. The compassion developed to the Jamaican people over those three years spent as a masters degree student working in the clinics.. The Jamaican people are some of the most caring and kind people I have ever met. I prayed about my feelings and my desire to return to help give back to the people of Jamaica . It became clear to me that ministering to the people of Jamaica was a way to give back to people and to share a gift I was blessed with. Learning about the Jamaican culture was an unexpected gift. The more I learn about the country, culture, way of life, struggles in life, health care system, and develop friends and relationships in the country, the more I learn about myself and the more I am drawn to the people of Jamaica .

Four years ago I decided the rewards of my ministry in Jamaica should be shared by other people. The rewards of TEAM MISSION JAMAICA have been amazing for me and the team participants as well as the people we have provided health care, screenings and education. When you are passionate about something, what you do is done without effort, distress and minimal conflict and with much love, caring, and kindness. The biggest challenge in this process is clearing customs.

Each year as organizing MISSION JAMAICA begins, goals are created and the direction for the team unfolds, I look back over all the memories and wonderful moments and from there a new TEAM MISSION JAMAICA is created. New direction, fond new memories to be made and many people’s lives to impacted including the members of the TEAM MISSION JAMAICA .

If you feel you might be interested in joining MISSION JAMAICA or contributing to our efforts please contact me.

All the best,
Norda Ratcliff, Nurse Practitioner

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